The caves of Benifallet (30 minute drive away) have numerous caverns beneath the village, some of them were inhabited during the Neolithic Age. Two caves are open to the public, the Cueva "Maravillas" and the Cueva del Dos which are well worth a visit.. Maravillas Cave (the “Cave of Wonders”), is famous for numerous helictites and it’s many stalagmites and stalactites. What are known as “Soda Straws” and “Curtains” are common too. Cueva del Dos is smaller but it has also many cave formations, including “Curtains” and helictites.

Mining museum at Bellmunt del Priorat (25 minute drive away); Bellmunt Mines are situated in the region of Priorat where the richest galena deposits in Catalonia are to be found . The mine has been exploited since ancient times, however mining reached its maximum during the twentieth century, thus coinciding with Catalan industrialization. The mine was closed in 1972 but is now open for visitors to view the site and tour the visitor centre.

Xerta Lock (30 minutes drive away) is Moorish in origin, restored after the conquest of Tortosa in the mid 12th Century and finished in 1411. The lock is 310 metres long and collects the water that feeds the canals on the north and south banks of the Ebro, which through a series of tunnels, flow into the Delta lowlands.

Mel Múria at El Perelló (1 hour drive away) is a company dedicated to the production of honey (rosemary, orange, thyme, thousand flowers....) since 1810 which offers you the rare opportunity to join a “Discover Honey” tour including a taste of “pastissets” (sweet cake with candied pumpkin) and a typical wine made with honey. There is then an audio-visual explanation about the process of making honey, the observation of a 60cm high natural hive containing more than 30,000 bees, followed by a visit of the bee-keepers museum, a demonstration of how to use the honey spoon, and to finish the visit of the installations everyone is able to savour different types of honey produced by their bee-keepers.

Serra Museum at Benissanet (5 minute drive away) offers a collection of over 300 musical instruments collected from all over the world.

Pinell de Brai cooperative wine cellar (15 minute drive away) was built by Cèsar Martinell, Gaudí’s disciple and biographer. The combination of brick, stone and ceramic and the use of the parabolic arch to support the vaults is clearly inspired by Gaudi. You can visit this building and also purchase wine and olive oil.