Walking, Cycling, Rock Climbing and Pot-holing
Miravet has the privilege of being close to 5 mountain ranges ideal for trekking, bike riding and mountain climbing with organised trips to participate in pot-holing and rock climbing.

Els Ports, an exceptional complex of limestone relief, steep and split up by faults with gigantic imposed blocks rising to heights over 1,000m with a wealth of spectacular cliffs and gorges gouged out by the rivers Matarranya and Ulldemó, caves and potholes.  The area is rich in flora with over 1,000 varieties and fauna such as the wild mountain goat, wildcat, otter and birds of prey such as the vulture, golden eagle and the buzzard. There is a visitors centre in Roquetes, a 40 minute drive away from Miravet.

Montsant, Cliffs and gorges create a dramatic landscape and a variety of terrain with striking views. This mountain range is situated in the neighbouring county of Priorat and has several visitor information points all with a 20 – 50 minute drive away.

Cardó, Pandňls & Cavalls Moutains, the slopes of these steep mountains provided a refuge for the soldiers throughout the Spanish civil war (1936 – 1939) and were the scene of the fiercest fighting. In memory of the battle an itinerary that follows the most significant points has been laid out. One of the main landmarks is located in the Pandóls mountain, named “Punta Alta” (High Point) with a splendid panoramic view, where you can see the monument of peace in honour of everyone who fought in the Battle of the Ebro.

The Green Way (“La Via Verda”); Greenways are the result of converting disused railway lines into cycling and walking routes. Easy, accessible, far removed from motorised traffic and with hardly any steep slopes, they are specially recommended for nature lovers and people who enjoy outdoor exercise. Miravet is located in a priveliged position for the Greenway route of Tarragona running through the counties of Terra Alta and Baix Ebre the routes are accessible from the neighbouring village of Pinell de Brai, only 15 minutes drive away by car. At this point you can either take the route through Terra Alta (23 km) or the lower route through Baix Abre finishing in Tortosa (26 km).

There are also numerous other trekking routes which start from local villages (Miravet, Tivissa, Benifallet etc) taking you past the river, historical monuments and beautiful forest areas.

Golf; Golf Aiguesverds (1 hour drive away at Reus) or the Golf Club Costa Dorada Tarragona (just over 1 hour) are both 18 hole golf courses. You can click on the below links for detailed information.

Fishing; The River Ebro is known to offer some of the most exciting carp and catfishing in European waters and attracts keen fishermen and angling competitions throughout the year. Other fish which can be caught in the river are zander, bass, mullet, pike and barbel. Permits can be bought locally or over the internet (we can help you with this process).

River Tourism;  Whether by canoe or by motorised boat, sailing along the Ebro river allows you to discover, calmly, new places of the fluvial landscape. The navigable stretch starts in Móra d'Ebre. It is an itinerary of almost 90km starts, which downstream leads you as far as the mouth of the river. There are small motorised boats sailing between Miravet and Morad’Ebre and Mora d’Ebre to Ascó further up the river throughout the summer months and canoe hire and trips and be arranged through local experienced outdoor activity companies.

Port Aventura; For families visiting the house, Port Aventura theme park and Caribe Aquatic park are within a 1 hour drive from the village offering a guaranteed fun-packed day out! Tickets can be bought over the internet or at the park.


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